Patreon Kuttari Commission!

Due to moving to a smaller space I can’t pile up my patreon creations that can’t find a home.
Therefore I have come up with a concept that could make everyone happy!

I’ll open up Kuttari commissions (or other type of a easy designed plushies).

By signing up to my Patreon Commission List you could pay a later time if Now isn’t the right time for you. 

• Commissions start at 350 USD
• 6% added paypal fee
• Shipping also added
• Your commissioned plush will have its pattern up for Patreons & Gumroad at a later time.

Patreon Commission List
How it works.

• Tell me what type of Kuttari you want.
• If you have certain wishes about details, send a ref.
• Tell me when you would be able to commission.
• Send in and wait for my reply

• When will my plush arrive?
Your plush will be made like a regular commission as soon as payment has been sent. Even tho it’s not your plushs turn to go on Patreon, it will be sent away when finished!

• What Kuttari can I commission?
The same as my Do’s & Don’ts.
If you have a OC it would be their base pattern!

• Do I still have to pay for a price quote?
In this case no!