Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and please fill out the entire form if you are inquiring about a commission!

To make your commission more likely to be picked, submit a good and clear reference on your character. Tell me in detail what you are looking for. If your character has a lot of fur, would you like that part to be in Faux Fur Fabric? Any details I should be aware of? You can even draw on the side of your reference for better explanations! Pose, what type of fabric, wires? poseable?
details (Example: I want the spots on this dalmatian dog to be Embroidery/ Appliqué)
Back Pack Example:
Back to back, Piggy Back Riding, Sitting Back To Back, etc.

Make sure to explain the idea you have as much as possible! The more info I have the better I can calculate the price of your commission!

For a price quote give a donation!

(This is a consultation fee & doesn't promise a commission slot.)