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NOTE: Prices do not include shipping
And 6% PayPal Fee will be added
To request a commission, go to ‘”Contact”

Plush Price List

Small Plush
Medium Plush

7 – 9.5 inch –  (tall or long)
18 – 24 cm (tall or long)
$650 – 1300+

10 – 15 inch –  (tall or long)
25 – 39 cm (tall or long)
$1400 – 2000+

Large Plush

Giant Plush

16″ – 25.5″ inch –  (tall or long)
40 – 64 cm – (tall or long)
$2100 – 3000+

26″ inch – and up (tall or long)
65 cm – and up (tall or long)

Prices can be higher due to complexity, amount of details or any extra type of material added
Prices will mostly depend on time. 

Plush BackPack

Starting Price 2800$

$Depending on design, complexity, details, materials etc.
A backpack can go up to a high value.
From having more than one pocket, Faux Fur fabric to complexity.

The shoulder straps are also handmade and making a backpack takes a lot of time and care.  (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ♡

Terms & Conditions

When commissioning, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions presented.

• If you have made a payment but decide to cancel the refund you receive is 70%.
If the plush already has been started on the refund will be 50%

• After your plush has been shipped I have no longer any responsibility over your order.
• EU costumers has to pay VAT
•  The plush won’t be started or shipped until full payment.


When ordering your payment has to be a full amount directly.

Large/Giant Plush – Exception
With a high value it can be paid monthly!
However, depending on the amount the payment should be finished after max 4 months.

If there would be a problem we can discuss the issue, but if payment takes too long I will refund and dismiss your plush.

When ordering a bigger plush or a backpack you pay the shipping price after the plush is done.

Payment is PayPal only.

EU Costumer VAT

If you are a costumer from EU this will include a VAT at 25%


If your commission are one of the bigger ones the shipping might take a little longer, due to the investigation and ordering a box/ well container big enough for your plush. This can’t be made until after the plush is finished.

Shipping always includes tracking number!

Buyers are responsible for any possible import duties, customs fees, taxes and similar surcharges that may apply.