What I don’t do

Human characters
Realistic animals
Other artists designs of a character without their permission

What are you paying for?

Creating new pattern
Testing the shape of the pattern X amount of times
Correcting the pattern and resizing it for your desire
Making embroidery files
Testings on the embroidery files
Cutting the pattern pieces
Correcting the pattern and resizing until satisfaction!
Sewing the plush
Stuffing and assembling the plush
This equals time consumption and material costs.


Why these prices?

Due to education and experience
You can read more about my journey in the About sectuion

How long do I need to wait for my plush?

For the moment my schedule includes education.

The time of your finished plush depends on complexity of your and/or other commissioners’ plush.
You can see my commission queue in the News section. 

General information

I have the right to decline your commission.

If your commission is a design of yours or a OC that can add up to the prices because it’s a OOAK. As soon as your package is shipped I have no responsibility over your item.